What's your computer setup?
  • Here's what I currently have working and it's been functioning beautifully. iPad 3, Macbook Air, and a Windows PC at the office so I have access to Windows when I need it. So far, I've been using:

    - iPad for showing tours, listing appts
    - Macbook Air for working on contracts when not in the office, writing
    - Windows for working daily at the office, using Google Voice for phone, etc.

    What works for you?
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  • Tablets (iPad or Android) work great for client meet ups. It's so easy to just hand them the thing as if it were a sheet of paper. For Realtors (or anyone who has regular meetings), I would highly recommend getting one.

    For the office/running around, I have my HP laptop. Love the thing. Has great power. The battery life isn't great however. I'm sure your Air puts it to shame in that category.

    At home, I have my desktop (which I built myself) always ready to go. It's very convenient to have a computer that's just sitting there, waiting to be used. The last thing I want to do when I get home is unpack the laptop I just put away.

    I'm curious, are you guys generally Apple, PC, both? Or maybe we have a Linux user in the mix?
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  • I'd say Realtors are prodominantly PC users, and then you have the occasional Apple fanatic like myself. I've built, serviced, and primarily used PCs for as long as I can remember, but didn't make the Apple switch until about 3-4 years ago.

    If an agent were to ask me for a desktop, I'd say custom PC all the way. Mobile? Apple stuff. iPad, Air, but if you need more power than the Air, then a Windows Laptop would probably be more affordable than the equivalent Macbook Pro.

    I've found that the Air does just what I need it to do while mobile, but when I need more power (exporting videos for YouTube, showing tours), I go back to the desktop PC.
    I manage this awesome real estate technology blog and sell real estate in Houston.

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