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By Drew Beaurline on September 20, 2012 in Tools - 1 Comment

Since most Americans are skittish about buying a new home following the collapse of the housing bubble, real estate agents are showing more properties and answering an increased number of questions.  Under these conditions, agents are responsible for recalling loads of information for multiple listings while they are away from their computers.  This makes selling a house closer to playing the old Windows Minesweeper game than actually helping a family fulfill the American dream.  We tip our hat to you guys and have an easy way to help you handle this barrage of information.

By keeping a list of all potential listings in Fetchnotes and then hashtagging the details of each property, a real estate agent can search for a client’s specific needs while they are in the office or in the field.  Let’s illustrate this idea a little better by providing an example.

Cindy the realtor is helping a newlywed couple find a home in San Francisco.  After viewing a few listings, the newlyweds start to obtain a better understanding of what they are in the market for. They need a 3 bedroom apartment, but would like to save some money by looking at foreclosures.  Luckily, Cindy personally stores her #Listings in Fetchnotes.

The Dashboard in Fetchntoes

By using Fetchnotes’s multiple hashtag filtering to search for a #3Bed #Foreclosure, Cindy can quickly identify the two properties that would best meet the newlywed’s needs.

However, actually organizing the information isn’t the hard part.  Brokers discover flaws in a property over time.  Therefore, each listing is always changing and these changes need to be communicated to all the agents in a firm.  With Fetchnotes’s unique ability to share notes, information is always up to date, email clutter and phone calls are nearly eliminated and the broker never looks like a used car salesman for overlooking the rusted gutter in the backyard.

A Note with Tags in Fetchnotes

Storing listings is one way realtors have used Fetchnotes, but it’s more commonly used for all the tasks associated with completing a sale.  Once the newlyweds set their hopes on a home, closing the deal requires the drafting of papers and contacting the seller. Cindy can add an a #Email to any #Listing so that she remembers to email the sellers of the property later in the day.  Also, with Fetchnotes’s new integration with Filepicker, agents can attach floor plans or pictures that they want and share them with anybody.  Forget navigating the constraints of your internal systems.

While Fetchnotes is awesome for staying on top of your workload, the app is designed to help Cindy finish early so that she can move on to her hobbies and family.   Cindy can categorize book recommendations with #read or remind her son to take out the trash by adding to his #chores. Sorry kid, but you can’t hide anymore.

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Drew Beaurline is a community builder at Fetchnotes, the easy way to keep track of what's going on in your life and communicate with the people that matter to you. Whether it's the shopping list you share with your family, the to do you need to relay to your co-worker, or simple notes to self, Fetchnotes is your memory's best friend.

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  1. Gainesville Condos February 17, 2013 at 3:47 pm · Reply

    Thank you Drew for this helpful program. Fetchnotes looks like it could be right up our alley as far as helping us remember and keep organized the tons of information required to adequately service each buyer we work with. This is very good information and i’m excited to implement it.

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