Google or Facebook … the Debate Heats Up

By Lou Lynch on June 22, 2012 in Marketing, Tools - 4 Comments

Google or FacebookThe mere viewing audience of Facebook is so dominant over Google + that it’s hard to find a reason to decide between Google or Facebook. If you are a real estate agent that is going to supplement the consumer traffic you already have from Facebook, Google plus is a good secondary means to increase your reach. 

While Google + is less consumer driven, Realtors who choose one platform over the other may be shooting themselves in the foot. There is room for both these media giants in the realm of advertising. Staying active in both companies seems to be the way to go until a cohesive connection between the two is established.

Facebook, with its word of mouth infectious appeal and ease of access, makes it quite a dominant force in advertising and social media. Its users outnumber Google plus nearly 20:1 (800 million to Google’s 40 million). That’s a really significant number, but Google is currently growing at a 3 to 1 pace to Facebook, so if future interaction is your concern, Google is worth the effort.

While the traffic time per user seems to be totally dominated by Facebook, the more features Google Plus adds, the more traffic it may take from Facebook. Additionally, Google tends to be referred to and thought of as more “professional” and could possibly dominate the professional advertising dollar in the near term.

If the projected growth rates for Google Plus are correct, Facebook would be unwise to dismiss them as an adversary in the social media space. – Lou Lynch

Other than the use of Google Maps in real estate listings (which is pretty useful by the way), Google doesn’t really have any substantial real estate specific applications or search engines associated with their media services. Facebook doesn’t associate with any MLSs either, but you are far more likely to locate an agent or real estate service, company, or listing through Facebook currently than you would be with any Google service including Google Plus.

Beyond the direct benefit of simply reaching networks of people, content distribution through multiple social platforms creates a more varied portfolio of social signals being directed towards your site.  This type of diversity looks natural and more socially popular; creating authority for your site.  While your best bang for your buck may still be with Facebook, there is no harm in hedging your bet a little by utilizing both media outlets and at least you’re getting your name out there.

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Lou Lynch is a freelance marketing professional for Quick Fire Internet. Quick Fire currently helps companies in the Hudson Valley and Ulster County Real Estate Markets.

4 Comments on "Google or Facebook … the Debate Heats Up"

  1. Derek Cheng June 26, 2012 at 10:29 am · Reply

    One advantage Google+ enjoys is its integration with Google search. For instance, you can link your blog to your Google+ profile (using what’s called “authorship markup”) so that when pages from your blog show up in search results, Google also displays your profile photo, which increases click-through rates to your page.

    Here’s a quick tutorial that explains how to implement this:

    • Steve Castaneda June 26, 2012 at 10:31 am · Reply

      Definitely something nice to see. I recently did this here at TechForAgents in fact, and sure enough, my posts show up with my picture, name, and Google+ profile. Nice tip, Derek!

  2. Mike Benton June 27, 2012 at 4:12 pm · Reply

    Thanks for sharing this great information-great post! It certainly makes sense to pool together our social networking resources rather than discounting one over the other. I would highlight the importance of building quality over quantity, too. Thanks again!

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