Export Your Google Voice Data through Takeout

By Steve Castaneda on September 7, 2011 in News - No comments

Google Takeout adds Google Voice to supported ProductsGoogle has announced that it has added Google Voice to it’s list of supported products for exporting data through Google Takeout. Real estate brokers should be pretty excited about this announcement. Now you have a convenient way for your agents to export text messages, voicemails, and call logs for any client.

As the methods for documenting the communication between real estate agents and clients becomes easier, more and more brokers will look to encourage their real estate agents to submit this information along with the rest of their paperwork when handing in files set to close.

I’ve taken the time this morning to quickly show you how the export process works, and detail what you’ll end up with. The only caveat I see so far is that you cannot filter what information gets exported; it’s all or nothing. If you’d like to turn in this information your broker, you’ll have to sift through the tremendous amounts of data until things get easier.

Google also created a “peculiar” video to tag along with the news, shown below.

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