Monday Freebie: FSBO Inventory Sheet

By Steve Castaneda on August 8, 2011 in Tools - 1 Comment

Woman Holding For Sale By Owner Real Estate SignOne of the ways I generate new listings was to visit FSBO’s in my area and offer to add their home into my FSBO inventory. At first, this may not seem like the seller would be willing to do this, but it all comes down to the presentation.

Hi [Seller], I was just driving by and noticed the FSBO sign outside. I’m a real estate agent here specializing in this area. Would you mind if I added your home to my FSBO Inventory? (me)

What’s that? (seller)

I have clients right now looking for a home. If I find that someone may like the features and amenities of your home, I can bring them by for you. That’s a win for you, right?

Well, if you ever meet someone that wants to sell their home and doesn’t want to go the FSBO route, you might think of me. That’s a definite win for me. So you see – I’m into building win/win relationships. (me)

That’s just one example of a script you can use. ¬†You can use it verbatim or customize it as you see fit, but as-is it definitely works!

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I approach FSBO’s? They obviously don’t want me there.” There are actually a lot of reasons that you’d want to meet them. Here’s the most important ones:

  • Your building a new relationship. Converting leads is all about building relationships.
  • Once they sell their home, you might have an opportunity to be their buyer’s agent.
  • You might have a buyer for their home, and they may be willing to pay you a commission.
  • They might get sick and tired of selling their home FSBO, and call you to list their home.
  • They might know someone right away looking to sell their home and is looking for an agent.

So without further ado, here is the inventory sheet that I would keep in my car at all times and pull out in case I saw a FSBO sign. Simply pull this out, approach the seller with the above script, and then use the inventory sheet to walk through their home and get the particulars. Remember to follow up once you’ve met them; building relationships is key! I recommend weekly follow-up.

Click to download the FSBO Inventory Sheet

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    Great idea – always great to connect with FSBOs!

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